Back to School Pictures

It's that time of year...back to school time! This is a big year for me because my oldest started Kindergarten. Kindy! Crazy. I wanted to take some special back to school/kindergarten pictures, but I didn't have any fancy props. You know what I'm talking about: old school desks, old pencil sharpener, globe, etc. I'm not always a fan of using props anyway, so I decided to just take her over to her school early one Sunday morning and use what was there! I brought her new backpack and lunchbox, some of her favorite books, an apple, paper, and a pen. That's it! You can get great photos without a lot of props. Just explore your surroundings, and you'll find what you need. :)

If you are looking for some inspiration, then I hope this post helps!

Some tips:
  • Bring their new backpack and lunchbox--They help pick them out, and are proud of them, so let them show it off!
  • Make it fun--I let Claire play on the playground, make silly faces, eat the apple, and run around. If it's not fun, stop, play, and try again.
  • Keep it short--Kids don't have a long attention span. At all. Do a few poses at each location and move on. 
  • Bring siblings--Yes, Claire is the one starting school, but Charlotte is also affected. They are best friends and super close, so I wanted to capture their relationship....and it also helps the fun factor!
Claire loves Batman. Loves! I mean, she WAS Batman for Halloween last year. So she had to have this backpack and matching lunchbox from Pottery Barn Kids. She loves it and is crazy proud of it. Can you tell? :)

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Her pre-K teacher gave her The Night Before Kindergarten on her last day of school, and I thought it'd be a fun little prop!

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I brought paper and a pen so she could write her name. I wanted to document how she wrote her name at the beginning of the year, and I'll take another at the end of the year to see the change!

And of course, here are some pictures with Charlotte. Her best friend. They are going to miss each other during the days!


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