Travel Goody Bags for Kids

Spring break is right around the corner, so chances are, you will be traveling. After our first crazy road trips where the girls couldn't find their toys/crayons/games/etc in their respective bags, and I spent half the trip getting car sick trying to help them find and hand them their items, I decided to take action. Enter our travel goody bags!

I had an Orla Kiely weekender cosmetic bag that I haven't used for a couple of years, so I thought it'd be perfect. I went to Target and got another weekender cosmetic bag so each girl could have their own.

The first section contains coloring books, blank paper, sticker books, homemade magnets for their white board, crayons, and colored pencils1 4
The other section contains a Leap Pad and Boogie Board. (I just need to say that the boogie board is a HUGE hit. The girls love them! Highly recommended. They played with these things for hours.) 2 5
Each girl has their own dry erase board for car trips. I used to use cookie sheets, but they became too big and cumbersome (we have three kids in the middle seat, and the cookies sheets interfered with personal spaces...big no no if you want a peaceful trip!). These boards are the perfect size and can be placed in the back seat pockets. They use them as a flat surface to eat on, and they play with their magnets on them. They can play with their magnets for 20-30 minutes at a time, so bonus! 6 I hope this gives you some ideas! These bags are perfect. They are a nice all-in-one place to put their activities, and they are extremely portable. My girls love them, and it has made car trips easier for parents--which let's face it: happy parents make for happy road trips. :-)

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