Claire's Batman Birthday Party


If you know Claire, then you know she LOVES Batman. Obsessed. We don't really know how or why this started, but she's loved him for years. In fact, she was Batman for Halloween in 2014. Not Batgirl. Batman. She had her Frozen birthday party last year, and the morning after she declared she was going to have a Batman party this year. I had over a year to plan, and I pinned all of these cute and adorable girly Batman/Superhero parties. I had so many ideas! Then, one day while browsing the party isle at Target, Claire saw the Batman party stuff. She flipped out. She needed alllll of it. Not a Pinterest perfect, hundreds of hours spent crafting, kind of party. I was a little sad because I honestly love those kind of parties, but I was also relieved. Ain't nobody got time for that! Especially not in October...the busiest month of the year because of all of the fall activities. We must do all the activities! So, I bought all of the decorations from the store, but I couldn't resist making the cupcake toppers. I wanted some personalized touches.

My house doesn't have a blank, flat wall that I can use for backdrops for my parties. So, I have to find creative ways to decorate. I covered our china hutch with two, cheap table cloths, and bought a Batman poster as the focal piece. Easy peasy and provides a nice backdrop!


I usually make the cupcakes and cake, but I didn't really have time this year. I had five photo shoots, a girl scout meeting to plan and execute, and this party to throw. Nope, not going to bake three dozen cupcakes! So I ordered the cupcakes from Target, and it was the best decision I've made in a long time. :) All I had to do was add the cupcake toppers, and bam! Batman cupcakes! Claire's little cake (that I did make, can you tell?) wasn't the prettiest, but she loved it. And that's all that matters. batman2
I bought capes for all of her friends, and they were a big hit! You can find them here: superhero capes.

I didn't get pictures of the party favors, but it was basic stuff. Batman pencil, Batman tattoos, small blue flashlights (Bat Lights), plastic Batman cups that are found in party sections, and candy from the pinata. Oh yes, there was a pinata. It was Claire's only request. Since her party was a week before Halloween, I found a cheap bat pinata instead of an expensive legit Batman pinata.

I also didn't get pictures of the plates, napkins, etc, but again, it was the basic party stuff. I got this party package, and then I supplemented with blue and yellow cups, plates, forks, etc.

batman 1
Oh yeah, my sister got Claire this awesome Batman balloon! However, it was pretty pricey at the local party store. You can find it here for half the price! Definitely recommend it.


So there's Claire's "awesome" Batman party. She had a blast and loved everything! It was the least amount of time I had spent prepping, and she didn't care one bit. Or notice. I need to keep reminding myself that not every party has to be Pinterest perfect. :)

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  1. That sure sounds like a great birthday Party. Great ideas Momma